Moving home is never a cakewalk, and packing your entire life’s belongings  into various boxes can be a significantly hard task. Try not to make it any harder on yourself by packing your belongings incorrectly. Here are some tips that will guide you in packing a box in the correct way.

From guaranteeing you are utilizing the correct materials to systematically naming your cartons, here are all the best packing box tips to keep your things secured and make the moving procedure much more smoother and easier.

  1. Use appropriate boxes- Use the right kind of boxes for specific items to ensure their safety. Packing box does not mean to just find the closest carton and stuffing your things. You should ensure that after your packing, the materials are safe in the carton during your transit. There are a diverse range of packing boxes such as- Tea Chest cartons, Book Cartons, Archive boxes, Port-a-robes, slider cartons, linen/flat-pack cartons, picture/mirror cartons, computer monitor cartons.
  2. Don’t over-pack the cartons- Trying to fit as many things as you can into a carton can be a tempting offer. This may feel like it requires much less energy and reduces the number of boxes you should carry, however, when you over-pack, the carton gets really heavy and makes it tough to carry around, and due to the heavy weight the carton might break open from the bottom.Moving
  3. Protect your delicate items- Do not leave breakable items on their own in a carton box as a slight nudge might break them. Use bubble wrap, flass socks, poly foam or packing paper for protection. For extra care and protection, add two or three layers of the above materials. This will ensure that you are taking your delicate items to your new home in one piece.
  4. Stack with caution- Be logical when you are stocking things in a cardboard box and stack them with care. Put heavier/ stronger items in the bottom of the box and the lighter or delicate items on the top to avoid any kind of damage. If the items are place in a haphazard manner, the heavier items might fall onto the lighter items and crush or break them. It is always best to keep really fragile items in a separate box with two-three layers of bubble wrap or any other protective material for maximum protection.
  5. Label the carton boxes- Always remember to label the carton boxes by content, importance and what room it should go into. This will make unpacking so much easier once you shift into your new house. This labeling will also ensure that you do not frantically rummage through all the boxes while looking for something.