1. Buy strong quality boxes and strong tape- When utilizing cardboard packaging your fundamental aim is to protect the substance that is inside the cardboard box. The parcel should be sent from your own particular dispatch by means of a messenger or mail touching base in one piece. Most cardboard boxes are provided in a level pack frame, packaged into 10’s or 25’s and bound together inside a standard strapping. You will require a decent quality sticky tape which can be provided in a dark color of buff shading, or clear.
  2. Close the small ends first- Always remember to close the small ends of your cardboard box first followed by folding the larger ends on top of the small ends.sealing
  3. Never interlock the ends- Always keep the large ones on top of the bottom ones. Never close them alternatively and inter lock them as it would weaken the strength of the cardboard box
  4. Use the H shape sealing method– When taping the boxes, always remember to use the H-shaped sealing method as it offers maximum strength and acts as a protection against tampering with evidence seal. To make the H shaped seal method, place the tape along the point where the two large flaps meet and extend it on to the box for a stronger seal. After this, place the tape of the two other sides of the box where there is a corner joint with the large flaps and the box. For maximum strength trying using two-four layers of tape.
  5. Always use void fill- Fill in any empty space in the card boxes with void fills such as newspapers, paper shreds, bubble wrap or thermocol balls for maximum protection of the content inside.  Filling the void helps in providing a cushion to your contents and protecting the goods on their journey to the destination as it prevents the item from moving around.

There are different types of tapes that one can use for different products. You can chose the correct type of tape based on three main elements- Adhesion, strength and ease of use.

Adhesion deal with you well the tape sticks to the material you use it on and can it be repositioned without losing the strength of the gum on it. Other factors that come under adhesion are is the tape can withstand different temperatures and humidity and if it has a release coating to stop the tape back from re-bonding with the tape roll.

Strength deals with the thickness of the tape. The thicker the tape the stronger the tape is and hence the heavier it can hold.

Ease of use deals with how the tape is user-friendly and how you do not have to waste time in trying to keep the tape from splitting or re-bonding with the roll.